About Aldo

It was almost certainly when I turned 12 that my parents gave me a camera as a gift. It was one that had belonged to my grandfather. I was overwhelmed by feelings. My parents gave me also a handbook which I study via avidly.



Since, I am taking photos, looking to capture life in all his expressions; feelings, events, colors.

Lately, inspired by some writings of William Burroughs, I got fascinated by the interconnection between word and images. To observe, to write, to draw, to take photos… it became element of a brand new way to experiment with thoughts. A brand new strategy to the experience of life, attempting to resist the impulse of linear pondering, and enjoying the attempts of considering in blocks and holistically.

Photography is good, but testing injustice gods among us tips and tricks is much better.

Photography is aspect of this experiment. It is an insight in my way way of pondering.